DMC-1910/E - D-LINK Media Converter 1000Base-TX (UTP) to 1000Base-LX (SC) Single-mode 10km Fiber Media Converter
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RP 14.022.000
1000Base-TX (UTP) to 1000Base-LX (SC) Single-mode 10km Fiber Media Converter
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The D-Link DMC-1910 Fiber Media Converter converts 1000BASE-T copper Gigabit signals to 1000BASE-LX fiber Gigabit signals. This allows you to connect longer distance fiber cables between two devices that are designed only for shorter distance Cat. 5 twistedpair cable. The DMC-1910 media converter combines transmitting and receiving signals onto one fiber strand using two wavelengths. This design avoids the budget losses incurred by the singlewavelength single-fiber technology, and minimizes any possibility of reflections in the system. The DMC-1910 consists of two units. One unit uses one wavelength to transmit and a second wavelength to receive, while the other flips that relationship. Two different types of transmitting wavelength are supported: one WDM bi-directional wavelength for both transmission and reception. Both units of the DMC-1910 media converter are encased in a solid metal housing with LED status indicators. The DMC-1910 can be used as stand-alone converter, or installed in a DMC-1000 chassis. In case you install it in the chassis, you will remove the metal cases of the two units and slide in their PC boards into the chassis slots. The chassis's power supply will be used instead of the media converters' own AC to DC power adapter. The media converter is hot swappable when used with the chassis.

Brand D-Link
Length 12 Cm
Height 2.5 Cm
Width 8.8 Cm
Weight 0 Kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Connectivity :Gigabit
Types of Connectivity :SC/RJ45
Single Mode/ Multi Mode :Single-Mode
Standart :1000BASE-LX
Wave Length :DMC-1910T: TX: 1550nm , RX1310nm DMC-1910R: TX: 1310nm , RX1550nm
Max Distance :10 km

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